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Reynard McGuire(Main Protagonist)===

A 26 year-old, cold, taciturn man with a normal life as a jouranlist. He gathers information about various towns all over the U.S. He is a famous, well-known man in his neighborhood, which is the southern part of Ashton. He traveled many places such as Cleveland, New York, Las Vegas, L.A. and Chicago.

Reynard's parents are deceased due to the punishment of the court because of comitting serious crime. They murdered citizens in Silent Hill to struggle for survival. Now, Reynard is only living with his brother. He has no friends and acquaintances.

In 2009, Reynard finally got promoted after all his hard work.He is ordered by his boss to move to Brahms to gather information about it. As Reynard is trapped inside Silent Hill, he continued to find his brother because he is lost. His only objective is to find his one and only brother and get out of Silent Hill.

Ronald McGuireEdit

The younger brother of Reynard. He is in the ninth grade and does'nt have any priviledge to have fun. He likes the way he is living right now and gets along with his brother. He also helps his brother during work.

Despite the many problems that they both face, they both have a past time which is studying or writing a book.Ronald is very studious and a smart one. As long as he lives with his older brother, he always felt complete.

Both the brothers miss their parents even if they murder other people or fight or argue with each other.

But everything changed when they got to Silent Hill.