Shephers' GlenEdit

Shepherd's Glen is a town first featured in, and the main setting of,Silent Hill: Homecoming. Built along the shores of Toluca Lakewithin Toluca County, it is neighbored by the sleepy burg of Silent Hill.

Shepherd's Glen, like Silent Hill, is a town built along the shores of Toluca Lake. A dense pine forest can be seen when approaching the town via River View Road. The lake borders the town on the east while Toluca River runs through it to the west. By the appearance of its map, it seems most likely Shepherd's Glen is either south, or south-west of Silent Hill, though it's exact location in relation to its neighbor is unknown. Given that it's a small town, only three large roads pass through; Main Street, River View Road, and Craven Avenue. As seen on the town map found in-game, all three roads are shown to run off the map boarders, indicating that either Shepherd's Glen is larger than it appears, or several municipalities may lie nearby.


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