Walter SullivanEdit

Walter Sullivan is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the video game Silent Hill 4: The Room. He is a religious fanatic, courtesy of The Order's beliefs being imposed upon him as a child. As a young boy, Walter considered the apartment room he was born in to be his mother, to replace his real mother, who abandoned him at birth.

About 34 years before the events of Silent Hill 4: The Room, Walter's biological parents lived in the town of Ashfield in Room 302 of the South Ashfield Heights apartment building. His father was possibly abusive as he screamed phrases such as "Stupid little crybaby!" and "Oh, shut the hell up! You can't blame it all on me!". Walter's biological mother appears to have been kept silent as she is never heard or discussed in the game. It was speculated by the building superintendent, Frank Sunderland, that they may have had money troubles or had gotten themselves into danger.

The young couple fled the apartment and left the newborn baby behind. The infant was later discovered by Frank Sunderland, who turned the child over to the nearby St. Jerome's Hospital(while he kept Walter's umbilical cord in box in his room). After a stay in the hospital, Walter became a ward of the state and was adopted by the Wish House orphanage in a forest near Silent Hill. It was there that he began his tutelage in the ways of the Order, the cult that operated the orphanage, and was given the name "Walter."